Why Delaware LLC?


Properly structuring your own Private Delaware LLC (Limited Liability Company).


Are you looking for a Private LLC structure that allows you to have:

  • Complete anonymity for your business and investment assets?
  • Domestic asset protection?
  • No state income taxes?
  • No state sales taxes?
  • Minimal paperwork?
  • Protection from future potential creditors?

Look no further. A Private Delaware LLC is perfect for;

  • Ecommerce businesses
  • Real estate holdings
  • Intellectual property
  • Stock portfolios
  • Investment partnerships
  • Private business interests
  • and more

As many of you are well aware, a Limited Liability Company, or LLC for short, is the preferred structure for your business in the US. It really is the ideal tool for business owners looking for asset protection, but want less complexity and paperwork running their business.

Why a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

  • Limited Liability: After forming an LLC, owners enjoy the same liability protection as with a corporation. Because an LLC exists as a separate entity, much like a corporation, members cannot be held personally liable for company debts unless they have signed a personal guarantee.
  • Tax Treatment – LLC’s have a flexible tax structure, meaning you can choose to be taxed as a partnership or as a corporation. This can help in minimizing your tax liabilities to the federal government.
  • Flexible Distributions – LLC’s can be used to hold a variety of assets like real estate, investment accounts, cash, equipment, vehicles, expensive business equipment, and private business interests.

The best part is – in an LLC, you can allocate the way you want the profits to be distributed and it does not have to be based upon the percentage of ownership. Distributions of the LLC can be based on the total amount of membership interest each party has, on the amount of work members put into the company, or a number of other distribution formulas.

Before I go any further, let me be clear. At Global Wealth Protection, we are not your low-cost, no-service online incorporator.

No, we offer the highest quality service to ensure you are getting exactly what you need for your business. We are adamant about our beliefs in capitalism and want you to succeed. Having a properly structured Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a key component to your business’ success.

We work exclusively with entrepreneurs and investors who are serious about their business and their investments. They seek the best quality information and products to ensure their assets are well protected and their business interests are structured in such a way to minimize their risk and maximize their gain.

Our firm provides a full LLC package that is all-inclusive of all fees, all filings, registered agent service and a bullet proof operating agreement. In addition, we also provide up to 2 hours of private consultation on properly implementing your structure, transferring assets, creating your federal tax id number, etc.

I promise you can find a lower priced LLC on the internet, but you will not find better service.

So if you are looking for the lowest cost solution and feel you don’t need the best counsel for properly structuring your business or investment assets, my suggestion is to go elsewhere.

There are some common misconceptions about properly structuring a Limited Liability Company (LLC):

  • I live in Kansas so therefore I need a Kansas LLC
    • In come cases, you are correct. If you have a physical office or employees in that state, you will need your LLC registered in your home state. However, it may still behoove you to register a Private Delaware LLC in your home state as a foreign LLC. In many cases the laws in your home state are not very conducive to privacy or asset protection. Additionally, if the assets owned produce passive income, there is no need to register your LLC in your home state.
  • All LLC’s are created equal
    • Not true. It is imperative that you register your LLC in the state that best suits your needs. That is not always your home state. Even if registered in the proper state, there are many errors that can be made jeopardizing your privacy, negatively affecting your tax consequences, and your eliminating asset protection benefits. Additionally, having a properly drafted bulletproof operating agreement for your LLC is critical to the long term success of your endeavor.
  • If I have a Delaware LLC, will I need to have a bank account there?
    • No. You can bank anywhere in the US you wish with your Private Delaware LLC. We even have many clients outside the US who use their Private Delaware LLC for business and asset holding in the US and bank with many of the large US banks.
  • With a Delaware LLC, would I have a local address?
    • Yes. Registered agent service includes a local Delaware address to receive official mail from the Delaware Secretary of State. If you would like a Delaware mailing address as well, I would recommend one of the many local companies like the UPS store that can offer a local postal address and mail forwarding. There are also mail-drop services available as well

With a Private Delaware LLC you have many benefits not available in other states like;

  • Complete anonymity
  • No public record of members or managers names with the State of Delaware
  • Delaware has very pro-business legislation
  • Delaware has extensive case law supporting business
  • Delaware is one of only 13 states that have specific language in the statutes granting a charging order as sole remedy for creditor collections – which is very good

If you are ready to move forward, click below to begin the process of setting up your own Private Delaware LLC.


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